Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I Don't Wanna Grow Up!!

Hawaiian Punch Rules!

I love being a geek, but I think geekdom extremely hampers my creativity. I know I should be posting a new piece here, I know I should be working on some stories to submit to some publishers to get some money, I know I should be doing something other than trying with all my might not to read any spoilers of the new Star Trek movie only to fail miserably.

I sit down at the computer intending to do some work but I always, ALWAYS end up at or or some other sight to get my fix. And the best part is I come up with some fantastic excuses about why it's ok. Well, it's good research. I'm seeing where the industry is at. I'm building a subconscious library of stories.

I guess there's nothing wrong with wanting to see what's going on in the world of movies, sci-fi and comics but when it starts affecting your livelihood you've got a problem. Though I've always been lazy so it could also just be an excuse to achieve as little as possible. You know like being a dad. Ouch, wait that sounded bad. Being a dad's great. I just meant that being one lets you be a big kid.

I mean why the fuck do we have to become adults. What is an adult. It's a word. I may be older but I'll never be an adult. Who wants to. Like responsible. I can't remember who said this but someone made the point that if you look at the word it really refers to one ability to respond to a given situation. In that sense everyone is responsible. I'm just saying, yeah I spend too much time fucking around on the internet and watching TV and movies and reading books and not enough time actually working. But I need to release my mind into these different worlds otherwise I feel the burden of adulthood calling. And if I allow myself to grow up I'll loose that precious commodity of the artist, childhood wonder.

So fuck growing up. I'm staying a kid, or as my daughter calls me a Big Kid, and I'll use that to make my way in a world that needs some good old fashioned childhood wonderment.