Friday, March 13, 2009

IndieGoGo: New Project Started

I don't know if any of you (read: me, the only guy who reads my blog) know this but I make movies. I've been a member of a website called IndieGoGo for a while now. I haven't done much with it though. Until now.

Tonight I started my first project on the site. IndieGoGo is an online community designed for independent film makers to collaborate and communicate with one another. And most importantly to fund raise and promote their film projects.

You can build a profile page much like any other social networking site. You can upload videos. You can share your websites and all the usual stuff. But you can also start a project page. There you can let people know about an up coming film project. You can start a team of people to help you promote and work on your projects. The best thing is that you can use the project profile to raise money for your project.

Some people, ones who probably worked the shit out of the system, have raised up to a million buck-a-roon's for their films. Members films have shown at Sundance and other festivals. The site seems to work, if you put the work into it.

So I've had a passion project that I conceived of a few years ago while I was still taking classes at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. I made a short doc for a film class. The doc was short and basically had me posing the question: Doe's this small town (Newman, Ca) need an after school film program? Lately the project has been itching to get out of me so I started a project profile on IndieGoGo. I havent put up the fundrasing stuff yet, because I have to do some shit with my bank account or something, but it should be up soon. You can still check out the project and join the community to get updates on when the fundrasing page is up and get news about how the project is coming along.

To check out the AfterSchool project click here.