Monday, June 25, 2012

Creative Skills Development: Online Journal #6 is the last day of my Creative Skills Development class so I'll be posting the rest of my assignments for everyone to read. And by everyone I mean my 2 subscribers! This assignment was to write a story with only dialog.

"Are you going to kill me," inquired Joshua Shultz.

"Well, that's a question you may not want me to answer at this very moment," replied Joseph Spinelli.

"I see. Well if that’s the case, can I have a smoke," responded Shultz.

"Sure, why not," said Spinelli. "Here let me light that for you. There you go. Now the way I see things you have very little time left in this world. I'll admit I don't feel particularly good about that. You and I grew up in the same neighborhood. Did you know that?"

"Your the Doc's kid," replied Shultz. "Grew up on Theiriot. I lived about three blocks down on Wood. Donnie Dallas, Leroy Jenkins, and I whooped you and a couple of other guys in a game of Stick back in the day."

"As I recall it was us that did the whopping," Spinelli retorted.

"You and I remember different," said Shultz. 

"You got that right," exclaimed Shultz. "Ha, you know it's funny. I didn't think you would remember me! I mean I remember you took off from the old neighborhood when we was just kids."

"Got into a bit of trouble," explained Shultz. "Ran for a while. Ended up in the military. Spent some time in Black Ops. Turns out I had a knack for Capture and Infiltrate missions.”

            Spinelli responded, “Wow, sounds like you did pretty good for yourself! Though I don’t know if being Uncle Sam’s errand boy is really my cup of tea. I prefer a career with a little more flexibility. I’ve been working my way up in this business since I was a kid back in the old neighborhood. Now I’ve got power, money, and girls. I’m the boss. This is my town. Here, I’m Uncle Sam.”

            “What about the other Families,” asked Shultz. “Don’t you have to answer to them? Isn’t that the way it goes? You control the Bronx. They control the other boroughs. What happens if you get greedy and step on their toes? What happens when you’re not the boss they want in this town?”

            “What is this,” responded Spinelli. “You think you know somethin? Let me tell you solder boy, you don’t know spit! I don’t answer to the Families. This is my turf and I’ll do what I please. If my business takes a little detour than so be it. There’s more than enough to go round. And if they got a problem with that than they can bring it to the table. I’m not an unreasonable man.”

            “Is that so,” asked Shultz. “I hear Tony Morelli might have a different opinion on the matter. Or had might be the proper term.”

            “You rat bastard,” exclaimed Spinelli. “How the hell did you know about that? You know what it don’t matter. It was a fun reunion solder boy but I think its time for us to part ways.”

            “Your guns not loaded,” said Shultz. “And your boys on the other side of that door have been dead since before I walked in here.”

            “So, what did the Families send you,” asked Spinelli. “You come here to-“

            “Yes, I did,” replied Shultz.