Friday, February 5, 2016

Why is it so hard to write?

Well, I wonder why I have such a hard time doing the things I profess to love doing. I've always said I'm a musician, yet I almost never pick up my instruments. I call my self a filmmaker and a writer, but I've made only one film in the last six years and haven't written anything since graduating over six months ago.

What causes me to be so unproductive? 

I spend a lot of time watching Netflix. It's easier to passively absorb a creation then it is to actively create something. I hate to admit that I'm afraid of hard work, and it's hard work to create. Either I'm lazy (I am) or I'm afraid (I am). 

Another factor is my attention span. During another Netflix binge I learned (from Chelsea Lately's new show) that the modern human attention span has decreased to roughly three minutes! Well, that explains a lot. When I sit down to write, I have a hard time staying focused on what I'm doing. I think about a half dozen things other then what I'm trying to focus on. I get bored after a few sentences or paragraphs. As soon as I get one thought on paper, im ready to move on the the next project. I can't sustain interest in any one idea. How can I be a writer, an artist, a filmmaker, a creator if none of my ideas are interesting enough to me to merit more that a few paragraphs?

See, I've got a few good points down here, but I'm already bored with this blog entry and am ready to move on to something else!