Saturday, June 28, 2008

Don't Drink The Cool-Aid

You know that moment when you feel like you're living in two different life's? When you can see and feel the life you will be in and should be in and the one that you in now, trapped so far and long apart?

I feel like I live my whole life constantly in those moments. Trapped here but mentally connected to and attempting to shape what is to come.

What if I really do exist in both places?

It is possible that through some as yet to be fleshed out universal principle we can and are all connected to all points of our existence. And we can consciously move through all points.

What if all we have to do is be conscious of this reality at all points in our timeline and the connection is complete and we can then move freely throughout our existence. Maybe we could simply leave a message to ourselves that will recur throughout our whole life to complete the connection?

Or maybe I should get back on my med's!