Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What the fuck do I know?

Well this is my first real blog. I've thought about doing one of these for a while but have been to lazy. Gee, I wonder how many millions of blogs have started out just like this.

See, that's exactly why I have been hard pressed to start one. Everybody has got an opinion out there these days. And frankly I think most of them are full of shit. Hopeless computer geeks who sit at their desk in dark rooms lit only by the light of their monitors yelling at their mom to bring them some Mountain Dew and a Hot Pocket, switching between one screen to another where they're typing their latest opinion of the new Marvel movie, one screen downloading the next Marvel movie that hits theaters next month, and one screen with the latest celebrity porn video playing, which by the way, is the real reason why they are wearing nothing but sticky boxers and the cape that came with The Greatest American Hero Complete Series Box Set.

What's different about me you ask? What should set me apart from these sorry yet apparently future evolutionary models of the species?

Not much.

I'm hoping the price will go down on the GAH box set so I can get my cape. And I don't like Hot Pockets.

So what can you expect from this shit? A little bit of everything. I have a high horse and I'm gonna ride that son of bitch straight up your ass wearing curiously stained underwear, my cape waving in the wind, and the millionth opinion about how cool it was hearing "HULK SMASH!!" or how I think this presidential election is actually being written by Hollywood screen writers, or maybe I'll scream insanities about what the fuck is "really" going on!

No matter what I'm sure to offend and maybe, just maybe, I might occasionally have a few brief moments of constructive insight about a world that is quickly becoming a strange and scary, yet potentially amazing and wondrous place, if given the chance.

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