Friday, March 13, 2009

Production Diary: Maken' Movies Steals My Bloggin' Time

So I've been absent from my blogs for a few days and I must apologize. I've been busy with the film I'm starring in. Thursday I had a rehearsal session that lasted for over four hours. That's a looong rehearsal session. But truth be told the films director and I were mostly just goofing off with my costar and her sister. It was quit fun. We cleaned up some dialog that was giving us grief and my costar, who is my characters romantic interest, got a chance to get comfortable with each other.

Today we shot most of the scene we rehearsed. The scene was were I meet Jenny, the romantic interest I mentioned earlier, for the first time at a Jr. college library. The problem with shooting there is that we had to be out by 5 o'clock. We got our entrances but didn't get to any of the dialog because we ran out of time. So we'll be shooting at the library again on some other day. Joy!!! Really, I can't wait for this scene to be over. But that's independent movie making.

After we left the library they shot a scene that I'm not in. It's were Kelly, the girl who plays Jenny, meets her other love interest (Kelly plays dual roles, Jenny my love interest and Penny my character's best friends love interest. Jenny/Penny has an identity disorder). I hung out while they shot the scene. It was kind of weird watching my "girl" getting hit on by my "best friend". While we were shooting campus security stopped by to find out what we were doing. Our director walked up to him and put the smack down. Not really but it did make us feel like true guerrilla film makers!

So now that you know why I've been absent for a few days I'll try to make sure I at least put up a little message on here to let you know whats going on with your favorite nut case!

Here are some exclusive behind the scene photo's I took during the out side shoot:

Kelly giving us a cheeser.

Kelly and Ed (my "best friend" Heath) shooting their scene.

Caleb (Mr. Director) going to put the smack down on campus security.

Caleb post smack down strut - Campus security walking away in shame!