Friday, January 8, 2010

New Laptop=New Blog Entries

Yo all. Well i guess I just mean me or Jacob since we’re probably the only ones reading this shit! I’m pretty lazy so that’s one reason I haven’t been blogging. Another is that I’ve been in school, got a new job and a Playstation 3 and a Plasma TV. All great excuses to avoid the responsibilities of a writer.

But now I have a new toy! And what better excuse to play with it every minute of the day than to say I’m “working?” I love it! But I wonder why it takes spending a butt load of cash on a new notebook (my first one by the way) to get me excited about doing something I love. Maybe excited is the wrong word. I’m always excited to write perhaps motivated is a better word.

What’s that say about writers in general? Do we all sometimes need shinny bobbles to entice us to pursue our craft? Or am I just lazy? Maybe, but having the proper tools for the job is important too. Though one could argue that all a writer really needs is paper and pen. But now a days that seems a little backwards. Even though I still love the old pencil and 3x5 cards they don’t quite work for blogging. It just seems weird to not put my blog work in a digital format. Besides if i wrote it out in pen or pencil first it would never find it’s way into the computer.

Being able to work on my blog anywhere is a huge advantage. I’m sort of neurotic and having a set schedule for writing is not an option. Having a note book ensures that when I get an idea I can put it down somewhere and then I can post it at the push of a button later.

So two thumbs up for notebooks!

I plan to write on her regularly again. I just found Windows Live Writer! I’m also focusing this blogs content more on the personal side. I’m a pretty egotistical guy so I figure I make a good subject to write about. Who wouldn’t want to know what’s going on with me? If I found a blog like this I would totally read it. And so must you if you’ve made it this far!

Thanks for reading Mom!