Thursday, July 21, 2011

Going to see Captain America!!!


Yesterday I bought my tix for tonight’s midnight showing of Captain America. I love the Fandango iPhone app!

For the last few hours I’ve been reading up on the latest news from Comic-con (once again I didn’t get my passes for that, next year, as I say every year Sad smile). I’ve also been looking up any info on the movie that I could find.

I love midnight premiers! I get to go uber-geek! My nephew suggested we leave extra early so we can get a chance to play the new Cap game. This local game shop always sets up a few PS3’s or Xbox’s with the movie game tie-ins. Luckily the new Cap game looks pretty good.

I’m pretty stoked for this movie. The latest trailer I saw for it highlighted the action and the positive reviews. One review called it “the best superhero movie of the summer.” Bold words after the greatness that was Thor.

Which reminds me, I haven’t seen most of the great films this summer. All I’ve seen were Thor and Green Lantern. Both of which I thought were great. Nobody but me and my family seemed to like Green Lantern. But that’s just because people didn’t get that it was a pretty faithful interpretation to the comics. Either that or it’s because we love mindless summer blockbusters.

Anywho, I’ll be tweeting updates to and after Cap and will post a review either on here or my old QuasiGeek blog. Or I may start  a new blog I’ve been thinking about, Nerd 4.2.0. a pop culture blog for nerds with a little herbal influence.

Till next time True Believers.