Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Creative Skills Development: Week 1 Online Journal #1

 Since I've started school at Full Sail University I have been EXTREMELY busy! But that's not necessarily a bad thing. The classes are accelerated, only 4 weeks long. I'm currently in my 3rd week of my second class, Creative Skills Development. This is a really cool class. It's all about developing writing habits. I've been getting some really positive responses on my work from my instructor. Since I'm not really publishing any work elsewhere I figured I would share my work with you here. So I'll be posting the work from previous weeks today and as I create more in the coming weeks I'll be sharing those as well. So here is my first Online Journal entry. We were asked to search the interwebs for a picture of a character and than write a very short story about that character making a sandwich. And that's it; the story was to focus on only the sandwich making. So here is my piece. I used an image of Bryan Cranston's character Mr. White, from Breaking Bad.

Organic whole wheat bread sat neatly next to all natural peanut butter which which say next to regular old Smucker's grape jelly. Mr. White, head freshly shaved, mustache cleanly trimmed, and dried blood not his own splattered on his rugged, defined face. He attempts to wipe more blood from his glasses. Hands slightly shaking he opens the bag of bread retrieving two slices. He places them neatly on a clean paper towel. With a butter knife he spreads equal amounts of peanut butter and jelly, each on their own slice of soft brown bread. Very delicately he joins the two together. Peanut butter merges with jelly. Mr. White takes a large sharp knife from the counter and makes a precise diagonal cut thought the sandwich. He arranges the two halves on a clean white plate. He readjusts them. Twice. Satisfied he picks up one half and takes a bite. He closes his eyes. Chews and swallows. And releases a breath that contains the weight of the world.