Friday, June 15, 2012

Week 2: Online Journal #2 here is my second Online Journal post. I'm not that thrilled with this one. I literally wrote this one minutes before the deadline. For this one we were to take another students story from the first OJ story and re-write it from the perspective of the sandwich.

Life erupted quickly. It could feel its parts immediately. The robust flavor of roast beef, the sharpness of Swiss cheese, and the simplicity of white bread. The beef and cheese cool its insides. The bread gives it a sense of stability and comfort. Its ingredients emit strong scents to attract its eater. With great relief it is raised from its plate. The first bit of itself is ripped away. There is no fear or pain. This is its purpose. Every bite sends sparks of fulfillment to its temporary soul. As this form is devoured the remnants are digested and the elements of its soul are absorbed into a new life form.  It merges with the new form enhancing its life force with its own. As the last bite is taken its consciousness ends and it is all one with the new life.