Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Production Diary: Maken' Movies Can Hurt Like a Bitch!

So Monday we had another day of filming on Sweet Jane Blues #12 & 35. It was a fairly short day. We started at about 9 in the morning, the equipment needed to be back by 10 and we finished at about 11. Oops.

We were shooting a scene where my character is having a nice day at the park with his new girlfriend when his best friend, Heath, shows up in a rage. Heath just found out that we're dating the same girl. He's there to kick my ass.

Now, I've never shot a fight scene before and was a little worried about getting hit. Not because I was afraid to get hurt, but because I was afraid I might loose my temper and beat the shit out of my co-star. I'm a short guy but when I get mad I can get a little out of hand.

Lukily there wasn't much to worry about. The "punches" were faked and the only real physical stuff was when Heath picks me up and throws me against a tree. Ed, the guy who plays Heath asked me if I was comfortable with him really throwing me. I, wanting to make sure the fight scene looked as real as possible told him: "Hell yeah man! Toss me against that fucker!" Oops.

Now, when your shooting something like this you need to remember one very important rule:


In my defence I had my lines earlier that day. But as soon as I started to get tossed against that tree (and that fucker was throwing me HARD), my natural instinct to fight back kicked in. I wanted to fuck this guy up! Lines? What fucking lines? I didn't care about my lines all I could do was try not to kick Ed's ass. We must have done twenty takes. Finaly I just winged the lines and we called it quits. But I learned my lesson that day, make sure you can say your lines instinctively because sometimes when your in the middle of a scene and the shit hits the fan all you can do is rely on your instincts or learn to fight against them with all you've got.