Thursday, March 26, 2009

QuasiGeek: Talk About It!

I just wanted to let my readers know about an important new site by the actor who plays everyone's favorite mind-reading-cop from Heroes, actor Greg Grunberg. Talk About it! is a site that just went up today and encourages people to make the promise to simply talk about epilepsy. The goal is to get people break down the barriers, to smash the stigmas and to enlighten people as to what epilepsy really is. The site aims to do this by growing a community of people who can express their thoughts and knowledge of epilepsy through stories, videos, songs, even poetry.

In a audio blog on the site (which I became a member of today) Greg stated that he firmly believes that a cure will be found, that his own son, Jake (who suffers from epilepsy) will not have to spend a majority of his life with epilepsy. And he’s right.

Epilepsy has touched many peoples lives, my self included. My nephews and nice, who are like my own children, lost their “other favorite uncle”, Jason, to epilepsy a few years ago. He was a great guy, someone I looked up to. He was one of the great geeks in the world. I strive to fulfill the geekdom gap that he left in my nephew’s and niece’s lives. He had a seizure in his sleep and died. I miss him and am upset that he is missing out on so many cool things, like the new Star Trek. I’m sure we would have been at the midnight showing together when it comes out. He would have loved Heroes, too.

Please check out the site, send a link to your friends, and join the conversation. Please, talk about it!

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