Friday, August 27, 2010

Well apparently someone else besides my mom actually reads my blog after all. Actually my mom dosent even read my blog. But oh welled least I got one reader.

I wonder who it is and why thses people read blogs about the boring shit in other peoples lives? I mean I do that . But I'm a wierdo. I'm usually hoping to glean some bit of information that might lead to a story idea or some kind of inspertation. Also I'm usually hoping I can see some boobs or find a chick that will take in a lonely loser like me.

But what about other people? Why do they read peoples blogs? Most of the time they're short meaningless blurbs of drivel. I got this one blog I unused to read by a dude in the comic book biz. His blog mostly consisted of notes about what kind of new tacos he's had lately. That is some seriously boring shit! But I love comics and I love tacos so I read it. But who the fuck else would read that? And why would the guy think that anyone would? I guess he had the same thought I had, "I'm way cooler than other taco loving comic book geeks out there and I think people should hear what I got to say cause I'm cool and a have a huge cock." ok maybe I went a little too far there, but you get the point. We're all a little narcissitic some times. We have to be in order to think that anyone would want to read what we have to say. It's a required trait in all artists, whether your a painter, a writer, a filmmaker, or a porn star. At some point we've all thought hey I'm so great I just have to share me with everyone!

I can't really remember where I was going with this cause I started writing this yesterday and I have the retention of a gerbil but I'll just leave you with this. I suck so if your reading this than you must suck too. Thank you and goodnight.